Thursday, November 2, 2017

You are a busy Healthcare Executive: Learn to Recharge!

I have been there.  Sitting in your seat wondering if I will ever get a break.  In fact, I served as President and CEO of a 600-bed Tertiary Trauma and teaching hospital.  That experience often felt as if I were an air traffic controller as opposed to President and CEO.  The demands are constant and unrelenting. So what should you do?  Learn to recharge.

As executives, you would think we would know this intuitively. However, we are not always good at doing the things we suggest for others. Recharging: taking time to clear the mind and recenter ourselves.  We should do it for ourselves, as well as, those we lead!

Most C-suite folks I talk with do not know how to recharge and many believe they do not have the time.  Well, it is not an option.  You can never be a High Performer in any sense of the concept if you can not recharge.  Guess what.  It is not that difficult.

I tend to block my days so I can be focused for a specific block of time to work on specific priorities.  At the end of each block, I take 10-minutes to recharge.  I may stand up and stretch, take a quick walk outside, or just sit in quiet and clear my mind.  TEn minutes, that is all it takes. You would be surprised at how you will approach your next time block.

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All the best,
                                          Michael L. McEachern, LFACHE
                                           President & Founder

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